Easy to use and powerful features for scheduling

A combination of powerful features for automating schedule management
and a simple easy to use design.

Interact with Google & Microsoft 365
calendar in real time


Just log in with your usual Google account or Microsoft 365 account to complete the integration!

Interact with your calendar in real time to automate your scheduling.

Accept bookings by
just sending the booking URL


Accept bookings just by sending the dedicated booking URL.

On the booking page, your available times are automatically determined and displayed based on your schedule.

Confirmed bookings are
Automatically added to your calendar


Once a booking has been confirmed, an event will be automatically registered in your linked calendar.

This prevents double bookings and forgotten bookings!

Automated schedule management
Including navigation time


I forgot to include the time required for navigation in my schedule! Has that ever happened to you?

The navigation time is taken into consideration when determining available times.

Manage schedules for multiple attendees at once


When multiple attendees are in the same meeting, it becomes complicated to co-ordinate available times.

With TimeRex, scheduling for multiple attendees is a breeze!

Automatically check availability of meeting rooms


Link your bookings to meeting rooms.

Once a booking is confirmed, the meeting room will be automatically reserved.

Other Features

Notification emails

Once a booking is confirmed, we will notify you of the booking details by email.

Customize booking form

You can customize the booking input form so that you can collect the information you require from your guests.

Linked services

You can integrate TimeRex with external services for a more convenient scheduling experience.

Set booking acceptance period

You can set the booking acceptance period. For example, "Accept bookings for a week starting tomorrow".

CSV export of bookings

You can export the bookings that have been confirmed as a CSV file.

Reliable and secure

We have implemented security measures such as constant monitoring and regular vulnerability checks so that your data is safe.

Automate your business scheduling right now

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