Automate Business Scheduling

By using TimeRex's team function, it is possible to automate the schedule management of your company or team, and improve productivity.

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New Information


You can now connect your Zoom account to TimeRex.

When a booking is made, a Zoom meeting is created simultaneously and your guests are automatically notified.Here are the details.

*This feature is available on all plans.

Business Schedule Management
Do you face these issues?

  • Difficulty in matching schedules
  • Co-ordinating team members
  • Forgetting to block out schedules
  • Managing meeting room usage
  • Creating incorrect schedules
  • No reservation confirmation emails

TimeRex Resolves Schedule Management Issues!


Interact with your
Google/Microsoft 365 calendar in real time

TimeRex will handle scheduling on your behalf by interacting with your team's Google Calendar and Microsoft 365 calendar in real time.

No need to manage schedules by email.


Automatically determine schedules
of multiple attendees

Determine schedules for multiple attendees automatically.

There is no need to manually co-ordinate schedules with attendees.


Bookings are
Automatically registered to your calendar

Just share your dedicated booking URL and TimeRex will accept bookings for you.

Once a booking is confirmed, it will be automatically added to your calendar.


Collaborate to improve efficiency

By linking with external services, one-stop automation of issuing URLs for online meetings, booking conference rooms, and managing customer information is possible.

With TimeRex, start accepting bookings in less than
10 seconds!


Highly reliable and stable

Copy the URL of your booking form

You can create dedicated booking forms,
copy your dedicated booking form URL.



Perform regular vulnerability checks

Send the URL to your guests

Send the booking page URL to your
guests and accept bookings.

Advantages of using TimeRex

95% reduction in schedule management time

Since the schedule management can be completed just by sending the dedicated URL to guests, the time required for schedule management can be greatly reduced.

Prevent double bookings
and errors

When a booking is completed, the schedule will be automatically registered in your calendar.
There will be no double bookings.

Reduce lead time to interviews and negotiations

Since the schedule can be determined quickly, the lead time up to the day of the appointment can be shortened and the risk of opportunity loss can be greatly reduced.

Focus on your core business
and goals

Time will not be lost for schedule management, and more time can be spend on core business activities.

You can automate any schedule management scenario with TimeRex

Easily determine a meeting


Just by using the booking page URL.
You can start accepting bookings immediately.

Setup meetings with multiple participants


Blocking out schedules is not required.
You can reduce the time required for setting up meetings.

Manage schedules for sales staff


Automate the scheduling of client visits.
Setup meetings quickly to close sales faster.

Customer support and reservations


Make advance reservations.
Customers can easily make reservations without having to log in.

Safe and Secure

Highly reliable and stable

Highly reliable and stable

Our service is used by more than 4 million people per month, and we provide services that can handle a large number of users in a stable manner.

Perform regular vulnerability checks

Perform regular vulnerability checks

To prevent unauthorized access and leakage of personal information, we regularly inspect our services for vulnerabilities and failures.

Constantly monitored operating status

Constantly monitored operating status

In order to provide a stable service, we have a system in place to monitor the operational status of the service, and to promptly address failures.

SSL/TSL encrypted communication

SSL/TSL encrypted communication

All communications are encrypted by SSL/TSL.

Best in class cloud environment

Best in class cloud environment

Our services use the cloud environment provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.

Physical security

Physical security

Strict entrance/exit management, visitor records, monitoring with surveillance cameras, etc. are carried out, and the service is operated under a high standard of security.

Plans and fees

Most Popular!

Free Plan

Entry to automated scheduling


/User /Month (Annual payment/Tax excluded)

No credit card registration required

Number of calendars


Google/Microsoft 365 calendar integration

Schedule management including travel time

Plan cancellation

Send reminder emails *

Multiple timezone support

* Planned feature

Basic Plan

Schedule management to accelerate business


/User /Month (Annual payment/Tax excluded)

Monthly payment: ¥ 900 (Tax excluded)

Number of calendars


All the features of Free Plan

Schedule management of multiple attendees

User management features

Automatic reservation of meeting room *

Change contents of reminder emails *

* Planned feature

Premium Plan

Security and customization


/User /Month (Annual payment/Tax excluded)

Monthly payment: ¥ 1,500 (Tax excluded)

Number of calendars


All the features of Basic Plan

Customize your booking form

Export bookings as CSV

Set password for calendar *

Set cancellation deadline *

* Planned feature

Automate Business Scheduling

TimeRex accelerates your business by automating your scheduling.