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Personal Information Protection Policy

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Japanese version of this document will govern our relationship. This translated version is provided for convenience only and will not be interpreted to modify the Japanese version. For the Japanese version, please see this page.

Policy 1.

We will specify the purpose of usage of personal information as much as possible and handle it appropriately to the extent necessary to achieve this purpose. We will also take necessary measures to ensure that we do not use this information for any other purpose than those stated.

Policy 2.

Personal information will be obtained in a lawful and appropriate manner.

Policy 3.

Personal information will not be provided to third parties without the consent of the individual.

Policy 4.

We will strive to take all necessary and appropriate measures, in order to prevent leakage, loss, and damage of personal information.

Policy 5.

In handling personal information, we will strive to ensure that the person who provided the information is appropriately involved, and we will do everything possible to try to keep our communications as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

Policy 6.

We will comply with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information. In addition, we will establish internal rules for the protection of personal information, which we will review and comply with on an ongoing basis.

Policy 7.

We will establish a point of contact to deal with complaints and consultations regarding personal information protection and strive to respond appropriately.

Mixtend Inc.
Tomohiro Kitano

Supplementary provisions:
March 30, 2018
Enactment and enforcement

Handling of Personal Information.

Mixtend Inc.(“Mixtend”, “we”, “us” or “our”) presents this privacy policy and complies with this privacy policy. We take the utmost care in managing and handling the personal information of Companies, partners, organizations and users (“Users”) of the services Mixtend provides(“Services”).

Personal information

Personal information means information about the User himself or herself that can be used to identify him or her by name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. It also includes information that can easily be cross-checked with other information to identify an individual user, even if that information alone cannot be used to identify the user, resulting in the identification of the individual. Personal Information is also defined as information that can easily be cross-referenced with other information to identify an individual, even if that information alone does not identify the user.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The purposes for which we use personal information are as follows. We do not use personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected.

A. Authentication of users and the provision of the Service to users.

B. Communications, email marketing, direct mail, announcements, etc associated with the use of the Service.

C. Provision of personal information to companies using the Service based on the user's consent or application.

D. Improvement of the Service, development and marketing of new services.

E. Campaigns, questionnaires, monitors, interviews, etc.

F. Confirmation of and response to opinions and inquiries about our services and the content of word-of-mouth submissions.

G. Investigation of activities prohibited by the Terms of Service and other regulations and confirmation of details based on those investigations.

Voluntary provision of personal information

If you do not provide the information required to use the service, you may not be able to use the service.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

In principle, we will not provide personal information to third parties without the user's consent. We will only provide the information to a third party with the consent of the user, after identifying the recipient and the content of the information provided. However, in the following cases, we may provide personal information without the user's consent to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws and regulations.

A. If we believe that the users actions are detrimental to a third party.

B. When it is especially necessary in the protection of public interests or for the protection of minors and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the user.

C. When it is necessary for us to cooperate with a national agency, a local government, or a party entrusted by such a government agency or local government to carry out legally prescribed duties, and obtaining the user's consent may interfere with the execution of such duties.

D. When a court, the public prosecutor's office, the police, or an organization with equivalent authority request disclosure of personal information.

E. When the user expressly asks for disclosure or provision of information to a third party.

F. Where disclosure or provision of information is permitted by law.

G. Cases in which personal information is provided in a merger or business succession and is handled within the scope of the purpose of use before the succession.

Disclaimer for Third Party Provision

We will not take any responsibility for the acquisition of personal information by third parties in the following cases.

A. You can use the functions of the Service or other means to reveal your personal information to companies using the Service When the company using the personal information does so. (Please inquire with your company about the handling of personal information by your company.

B. If the information entered into the service unexpectedly identifies the person.

C. When a user provides personal information to an external site linked to the Service and the information is used by the user.

D. When information that can identify an individual user is obtained by someone other than the user himself/herself.

Outsourcing of personal information processing

We may outsource part or all of our personal information handling operations. Mixtend is responsible for the handling of personal information by the subcontractor.

Use of statistical data

We may process the personal information you provide in such a way that the individual cannot be identified, and we may use that information to create statistical data. We reserve the right to use non-personally identifiable statistical data without any restrictions.

Retaining personal information

We will retain the user's personal information for as long as necessary for the purposes of use as outlined in this policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.

Change or Deletion of personal information

In principle, only the user may request that the Company notify the user of the "purpose of use of personal information," disclose, correct, add, delete, or stop using the registered personal information, or stop providing it to a third party (as the “Change of personal information”). For specific instructions on how to do this, please contact the personal information management contact below. We will try to delete all personal information within 7 working days of receiving such request. However, we may not respond to changes in personal information in the following cases.

A. If there is a risk of harm to the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of the user or a third party.

B. If there is a risk of significant hindrance to the proper operation of the Service.

C. If it results in a violation of other laws and regulations.

In addition, if changing the personal information in question requires a significant amount of money or is difficult to do and we take alternative measures necessary to protect the rights and interests of the user, we may not agree to change the personal information.

Accuracy of personal information

We will strive to process the personal information you provide accurately. However, you are responsible for the accuracy and up-to-date content of the personal information you provide.

Limitation on Acquisition of Sensitive Personal Information

In principle, we do not collect personal information including the following information. However, this does not apply to cases where the user provides the information themselves.

A. Matters relating to ideology, beliefs and religion.

B. Race, ethnicity, family origin, legal domicile (except for information on the city and state of residence), physical or mental disability, criminal record, and other matters that cause social discrimination.

C. Matters relating to the right of workers to organize, collective bargaining and other acts of collective action.

D. Matters relating to participation in group demonstrations, the exercise of the right to petition, and the exercise of other political rights.

E. Matters relating to an individual’s health and sex life.

Identity Verification

We will confirm the identity of the individual with information that can identify the individual in the following cases.

A.When a member registers for a web service or when a member uses the service.

B.When we respond to requests to disclose, correct, delete, or stop using personal information.

However, we will not be responsible for the use of personal information obtained by anyone else.

Acquisition and Use of Attribute Information, Terminal Information, Location Information, Activity History, etc.

Cookies of Attribute Information, Device Information, Location Information and Activity History

We use cookies to protect your privacy, improve your experience and collect statistical data. We also use technologies such as cookies and JavaScript to obtain attribute information that cannot be used to identify individuals, device information, your activities on the Service Site, approximate location information (such as country of residence and timezone) etc. However, cookies and activity history do not contain any personal information.

Personal Information management supervisor

Mixtend Inc.
Tomohiro Kitano

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Changes to this Policy

In the following cases, “Mixtend” may change or add to the contents of this Privacy Policy at any time.

(1)Changes to this privacy policy are in the general interest of the user.

(2)If the changes to this Privacy Policy or other changes are reasonable, such as that they are for the purpose for which they were contracted and that the changes are necessary and that the content after the changes are acceptable.

If we makes any changes to our Privacy Policy, we will notify you on the Service homepage or on the Mixtend website or via email at least 7 days before the changes become effective.

After being notified of this change, if you continue to use the service beyond a period specified by us, you agree to the change of privacy policy. However, when we make changes to the content of the site that are legally required by law, we will obtain your consent in the manner we determine appropriate.