Schedule adjustment method

1: 1 / Everyone participates / Schedule adjustment method that one person can choose from participation

Not only can you adjust the schedule 1: 1 between yourself and the customer, but you can also adjust the schedule of various scenes, such as all attendees participating, multiple people
and one person participating.

1: 1 scheduling

1: 1 scheduling

TimeRex automatically lists your convenient date and time as schedule candidates.
Schedule adjustment is completed by having the schedule adjustment partner select a convenient date and time from the schedule candidates. I will.

Schedule a meeting with attendees

Automatically list the time when all the attendees are available as schedule candidates. When the schedule is confirmed, the schedule will be automatically registered in the calendar of all participants.

Schedule of meetings with attendees
Schedule adjustment for meetings attended by one of multiple people

Attendance by one of multiple people
Schedule adjustments for meetings, etc.

If any one of the multiple people has an appointment, it can be displayed to the other party as a schedule candidate. When the other party selects a schedule, participants are randomly selected from those who do not have an appointment, and the appointment is registered in the calendar of the selected participant.