Web conferencing tool integration

Schedule Microsoft Teams Meetings

From schedule adjustment to Microsoft Teams URL issuance / notification
One-stop Microsoft Teams integration

Reduce teams meeting preparation time by 95%, such as scheduling and web conferencing URL preparation

Schedule adjustment, web conference URL preparation, etc.
Reduce the time required for Teams conference preparation by 95%

Reduces scheduling and preparation for web conferencing by 95%, from listing candidate dates to registering calendars, issuing Teams meeting URLs to notifying others.

Automatically publish Teams URL after schedule adjustment
Automatically register in calendar

Issue a separate Teams meeting when scheduling is complete. The URL of the published Teams meeting is automatically registered in the calendar, so the preparation work up to the Teams meeting can be fully automated.

Automatically register Teams URL in the automatically issued calendar after the schedule adjustment is completed
Meet with the URL of the Teams meeting and automatically notify the other party

Automatically notify the meeting partner of the URL of the Teams meeting

The URL of the Teams meeting issued when the schedule adjustment is completed will be automatically notified to the schedule adjustment partner by email. There is no need to share the URL of the Teams meeting separately by e-mail etc.