Automate Business Scheduling

Real-time integration with Google Calendar/Outlook Calendar.
From determining available times to booking management, we automate the entire scheduling process.

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New Information


Group Poll is now available!

It is now possible to quickly adjust the schedule between three or more parties in a poll format.
This can be used for schedule adjustments between "HR, Agent, Applicant" and "Sales, Partner, Customer". Further details are available here.

Schedule management is tough
Do you face these issues?

There are a lot of tedious tasks involved in scheduling.

People who have trouble adjusting schedules
Difficult to find
available times
Hard to confirm schedules
Created a schedule
for the wrong date
Forgot to plan for travel time
Forgot to create
an online meeting link
Double bookings
can't be avoided

TimeRex resolves these issues!

TimeRex is a schedule management service that automates business scheduling.
Freeing you from the hassle of managing schedules and increasing your productivity.

TimeRex resolves these issues!

Google Calendar
& Outlook Calendar and
Real-time interaction

Image that interacts with Google Calendar / Outlook calendar

TimeRex manages your schedule for you by interacting with your Google and Outlook Calendar in real time.

You can get started easily in less than 60 seconds.

Automatically lists your available times
according to your schedule

Image of automating schedule adjustment considering scheduled time, normal schedule, moving time before and after, meeting room situation

You no longer need to search your calendar to find your available times.

Your availability is automatically determined based on your schedule and preferences.

Bookings are
automatically registered in your calendar

Image of confirmed appointments being automatically added to your Google Calendar / Outlook Calendar

TimeRex can be used to prevent missed opportunities.

Have you ever mistakenly created a double booking or forgotten a booking?

Any schedule management scenario can be managed with

Business scenes such as meetings and meetings

Automate scheduling
for meetings

You can setup meetings, just by using your booking URL.

This let's you save time by avoiding having to send emails to confirm availabilities.

Interview and interview schedule adjustment

Setup interviews with several candidates

You can setup interviews with several candidates in parallel.

Double bookings are avoided and you can shorten the time taken for the interview process.

For inside sales and visiting sales

Efficiently manage
client visits

Automate the scheduling of client visits and appointments.

You can improve the efficiency of your sales pipeline with better scheduling.

Adjust the schedule for call center personnel and customers

Web conferencing
for sales and
customer support.

By connecting to web conferencing tools, you can automate the creation of web meetings when an appointment is confirmed. Attendees are notified of the web meeting URL automatically.

Plans and Pricing

Plan list

Monthly price/person
(Annual contract/Tax excluded)

Number of calendars for adjusting dates

Number of bookings

Web conference integration
(Zoom / Microsoft Teams / Google Meet)

Start/End date for schedule availability

Team user management

Schedule adjustment considering schedule of multiple people

Specific date and time schedule settings

Meeting room automatic reservation when schedule is confirmed *1

Customize question items during schedule adjustment

API integration when a booking is completed (Webhook)

Schedule adjusted CSV output

Free Plan

Entry to
automated scheduling


Free forever










Basic Plan

Accelerate your
business productivity


Monthly payment: ¥ 900






Premium Plan

Flexible customization and scalability


Monthly payment: ¥ 1,500



(*1) Scheduled to be released in Spring 2022

Automate your business scheduling right now

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